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House Rules

The Leskowsky Musical Instrument Collection (referred as Collection later on) is open from Tuesday till Sunday between 10 AM and 5 PM or until the end of events. Information about our irregular opening hours are posted on the official website www.hangszergyujtemeny.hu.

Our Collection can be visited with a valid ticket. Free programs are exceptions to this rule. You can purchase your ticket on site or on-line on the www.tixa.hu/hangszergyujtemeny website. Please register your visit if you are planning to arrive with a group. You can register by phone or on our official website: www.hangszergyujtemeny.hu.

Visitors in wheelchairs can access our elevator through the “Hírös Város Turisztikai Központ” entry. Our employees will kindly be at your assistance.

Even though they are tempted to play, the instruments of the Leskowsky Musical Instrument Collection can be played, tried or touched only with our employees’ prior permission. Not all the instruments are in a playable condition. Our employees will kindly help you to try out our musical instruments. Visitors are allowed to visit only the public exhibition rooms of the Collection.

The measures of the Collection’s employees shall have mandatory effect in respect of guests. In case of any damage caused by our guests the Collection is liable to enforce its rights in a legal way. Everyone may attend events at their own risk.

In order to protect the safety of the instruments, visitors are asked to leave their coats and backpacks at the designated area.

By entering the Leskowsky Musical Instrument Collection, visitors explicitly accept that video and audio recordings might be made, and that any visitor may appear on such in their capacity as visitors, but they may not stake any claim whatsoever in connection with the use of such recordings against the Collection or the producers of the recordings nor against anyone who uses such recordings under any other valid legal title.

Taking amateur photographs in the Collection permitted solely for personal use. In all other cases, preliminary authorization for photography must be sought in advance in writing from the Collection at info@hangszergyujtemeny.hu Except for guide dogs, no pets, weapons or objects resembling weapons, nor any objects or substances constituting a hazard to life, bodily integrity and health are permitted in the Collection. Due to lack of space, means of personal transportation (e.g. bicycles, scooters, roller skates, skateboards, etc.) are not allowed inside the Collection, but our employees will help you find the right place for them.

We kindly ask you to consume your food and drink before entering the Collection, don’t bring it in. Smoking is prohibited in the entire building.

In the case of any extraordinary event, visitors are obliged to abide by the instructions of the Collection’s employees, moreover to behave in line with the requirements appearing in “Hírös Város Turisztikai Központ” evacuation plan.

The Collection shall not accept any liability for valuables that are misplaced on the premises of the Collection.

The measures of the Collection’s employees and the House Rules shall have mandatory effect in respect of all guests.

The aforementioned constitute the House Rules of the Leskowsky Musical Instrument Collection. Any visitor who violates these rules may be banned from the Leskowsky Musical Instrument Collection for any specified time and may have official proceedings instigated against them. The individuals who violate these House Rules or the person responsible for an individual who violates these rules shall be held personally and financially liable for any damages resulting from the violation of these House Rules. In case any violation of these House Rules also concurrently constitutes a breach of laws and/or regulations in effect, the individual who violates these House Rules or the person responsible for an individual who violates these rules shall be held legally liable and shall bear any statutory sanction as well.

Observing the House Rules is in our mutual interest. We kindly request our esteemed visitors’ assistance in this regard. Let us express our preliminary gratitude to You, our esteemed visitors, for your cooperation. We hope to see You in the wonderful world of musical instruments!